At The Hidden Gardens

• 500+ bonsai to choose from

• The largest inventory of yamadori (collected from the mountains) in all of the Midwest

• Workshops with U.S. and international artists throughout the year (see 2023 Dates below)

• Pots, wire, fertilizers and the Ryuga line of tools

• Soils: Akadama, pumice, lava rock and the Hidden Gardens sifted "special blend"

2023 Dates

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• April 21-23 and April 28-30, Mauro Stemberger and the Bonsai Dream School of Chicago (Sold out)

• May 20-21, Will Baddeley workshops, cost $140/day, 9-4pm

• June 10-11, Owen Reich workshops, cost $140/day, 9-4pm

• June 22-23, David Cutchin workshops, cost $140/day, 9-4pm

• August 18-20, Vending at the Mid-America Bonsai Exhibition, in Glencoe, Illinois

• September 9-10, Vending at the U.S. National Bonsai Exhibition, in East Rochester, New York

• October 14-15, Todd Schlafer workshops, cost $140/day, 9-4pm

Call The Hidden Gardens at (630) 655-8283 or email Jeff Schulz at


• Take your tree to the next level at "Saturday Morning Bonsai", 9am - Noon.

• Learn more about bonsai with the "Beginners Bonsai Class" or with a "Private Lesson "

• Boarding

• Overwintering (Sorry, we are at full capacity and not accepting any new clients)