Saturday Morning Bonsai

• Evaluation • Repotting • Pruning • Styling
with Mark Karczewski

9am until Noon
For $20 per tree, every Saturday, you can bring a tree and Mark will evaluate and help you get it to the next level.
Repotting and styling is extra.

(Payment method: cc, paypal or Zelle)

Call the Hidden Gardens at (630) 655-8283 to reserve your spot!

(If you are unable to make Saturday Morning Bonsai just drop off your tree(s), anytime during regular business hours, and Mark will look at it when he can.)

Click here, if you are interested in Mark's "Beginners Bonsai Class" or "Private lesson"

Mark Karczewski
Mark is a second generation bonsai artist who has been very active in bonsai since 1984.