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Greetings To Our Customers.

We are currently open Friday thru Sunday from 9am-4pm. It is very important for us to follow the C.D.C. guidelines during this time. Please read these guidelines below.

Thank you for visiting The Hidden Gardens!

Social Distancing Guidelines for Retail Customers

• Please keep a 6-foot distance from any other customer or employee while shopping in the sales yard.

• If purchasing small items that you can easily lift, please place them in a cart and bring them to a write up station.

• A Hidden gardens employee will write up your order and ask for your payment.

• Your transaction will be processed, and a receipt will be furnished.

• Sorry, the sales office is not be open to the public.

• We will do our best to answer your questions while practicing social distancing.

• We also are offering retail delivery service Monday thru Saturday from 8am-4:30pm. Sunday 10am-3pm.